Why your next conference venue should be hosted at Deckhouse?

Corporate catering available at your next conference event

A conference is formerly known as a formal meeting of those with a shared passion or interest. Usually, the conference can go over a few days. However, the formal process of a conference is slowly changing, and some can even be one-day events around any form of niche.

When planning a conference, one of the hardest decisions to make is, where will it be hosted? Who will help plan all the formalities and make sure the day or days run as smoothly as possible.

At Deckhouse, we are Sydney’s finest conference venue in the Woolwich area, so we are here to not only tell you why but help you with all the aspects you need to consider when hosting.


One of the key factors of hiring the perfect venue when planning a conference is the location. You want to choose somewhere easy to access for everyone whether they are traveling from within the Sydney CBD or from the suburbs.

The location of your conference will determine the numbers you get at your event, which ultimately impacts your success.

At Deckhouse, we are based out of the CBD, and it is only a short water taxi ride to our venue. The benefits of our location mean you get the beautiful serenity, but the incredible panoramic views of the Sydney Harbour and city skyline.

Once you have a perfect location in mind, you also need to ensure the venue can hold the number of people you will be hosting. More info here on corporate events.


Choosing a venue or function room is also critical. You don’t want a space that is too small for the number of people you have attending your conference, but you also don’t want an area that is too big and looks empty.

The best part about Deckhouse is we have multiple rooms to suit any style of event. We have the capacity to host from 10 to 300 with perfect room sizes.

Make sure you go physically see a venue if you have the opportunity before booking, this will give you an idea of the space and also how the venue is presented.

Interior and exterior

Doing site tours is a great way for you to not only get a feel for the venue and meet the staff but also it is the chance to see how it looks on the inside and out.

Although for a conference, decorations aren’t normally used, you also want the venue to look inviting, so your guests enjoy their time with you at your event.

At Deckhouse, we pride ourselves on the interior and exterior of our venue spaces. Our team works hard to ensure we have a fresh look and feel.

Not only is our venue beautiful to be in and look at, but we also complement it with the most stunning views of the Sydney landscape as a backdrop.

Now once you have chosen the venues, you need to make sure they can fit your needs.


Every conference needs some sort of tech elements to it. So, when you are scoping out venues, make sure the A/V is all current and up to scratch with what you will need.

Plan out every form of presentation, and anything electrical you will need as part of the event. Even ensuring there are enough power points is critical.

As part of the Deckhouse function spaces, we have all state-of-the-art technology for everything you may need to host your conference. As we host many events monthly, our tech is always being tested and updated to ensure it meets the needs of our customers.


Lastly, you need to consider catering. Will you be offering food at your conference, or maybe just beverages?

Whether it is sandwiches, canapes or anything in between, you need to plan out the food and drinks for your conference and how many you will potentially cater for as part of the event.

At Deckhouse, we have full catering services to provide you with as little or as much food as you will require. We also offer alternatives for various dietary requirements.

Final thoughts

Planning your next conference doesn’t need to be complicated and challenging. Once you choose your event based on all the elements listed above, you will work with the venue team to make your event come to life.

At Deckhouse, we believe we are the finest venue in the Sydney Woolwich area to help you with your next conference.

From the beautiful space and location to the logistics, including technology and catering, we are here to assist you with all your requirements!

Even if you haven’t thought about hosting in the Woolwich area, come down and have a look at our venue space, we can offer you many options to make it easy for your guests to get to us!

Call us today and talk to our fantastic team!

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