Why your next conference venue should be hosted at Deckhouse?

A conference is formerly known as a formal meeting of those with a shared passion or interest. Usually, the conference can go over a few days. However, the formal process of a conference is slowly changing, and some can even be one-day events around any form of niche.

When planning a conference, one of the hardest decisions to make is, where will it be hosted? Who will help plan all the formalities and make sure the day or days run as smoothly as possible.


In the travel sector, this specialised niche of group tourism and functions, known as MICE tourism, continues to increase in demand.

Whether you’re looking to organize a group outing for a company as part of an incentive program or planning a conference to showcase the latest innovations in your field, Dedes Waterfront Group boasts superb venue options and an expert team to coordinate events.