Picture the perfect event, a wedding, milestone birthday or the corporate function you have wanted to plan since you started at your job.

The perfect event does exist. It isn’t just a made-up dream inside your head. A perfect function is made up of multiple aspects from the atmosphere to the food and even the interior.

Planning events isn’t all about running around stressed, calling 1000 suppliers because they don’t have a particular flower you need or a type of food for those with dietary requirements.

Choosing the right venue to plan your event is a key element to hosting the perfect event. So how do we at Deckhouse define the ideal venue for a function?

Definition of the perfect venue

To define a perfect venue, it must be everything you need it to be and more. The perfect venue has the features no other space has to offer.

Perfecting the best event comes down to choosing the right venue for precisely what you need. If you have selected the faultless venue and the team of the space is right for you, the event will be everything you need it to be.

Defining the perfect venue comes down to personal preference. However, it needs to stand out above the rest for uniqueness.

What are the types of events you need the perfect venue for?

Different types of events will always require different needs. So, for planning an event, you need a venue that has experience catering to a wide variety of people and event styles.

Some of the different types of events, which require the perfect venue, include weddings, birthday and corporate events. But what are the factors for each that require the perfect venue?


A wedding day is the type of event people want to remember for a lifetime as they continue through a happy marriage. The wedding day needs to be unique for both the bride, groom, and guests.

When choosing the perfect venue for a wedding, you need to factor in the features you want to be part of your special day. Everything from the interior to the exterior needs to be styled to your taste.

To create the perfect venue for any wedding, you need to choose a space where everything ticks all the boxes, even the event team who will be helping on the day – and of course the lead-up.


A birthday is a fun celebration for everyone attending. It is time to relax and enjoy the company of everyone present. To ensure the birthday celebration is what you have dreamed of, the venue needs to be perfect for you.

From the transport to and from the event to the catering services, you want to work with a team of professionals to bring your birthday party to life. Working with a great events team will mean no stress on the day of the celebration. See more info about our birthday parties.

Corporate event

corporate event can be very broad, depending on the type of event you need to organise.

To cater for the perfect corporate event, you need to choose a venue to suit a range of different guests. If you are planning any corporate event, the perfect venue needs to have functioning technology facilities for any presentations or workshops you need to host.

Corporate functions often require a lot of different elements and attention to detail, so the perfect venue needs to be a good fit for your requirements.

Features of a perfect venue

Choosing the perfect venue requires a list of features, which should be considered when reviewing different event spaces.

When you are listing down features of your ideal event space, make sure you list the following:
 Capacity – the event space needs to hold the number of people you have attending
• Location – depending on the proximity you want to the CBD, an event space should be easy to access
• Catering – the food and beverages packages need to be suitable for your guests and their preferences
• Interior and exterior – the perfect event space will have beautiful scenery and can host as little or as many decorations as you need inside and out
• Technology – you want all AV facilities to be in perfect working order for presentations, music, lighting and any other electrical services

The perfect event will have a team of professionals to help you tick all your boxes. When it comes to hosting an event, it’s all about working with a team who can go above and beyond the services you need.

Why Deckhouse?

At Deckhouse, we cater to the perfect events within Sydney. We offer the venue for those looking to host an event with a peaceful and serene atmosphere while still being easily accessible from the CBD.

Deckhouse offers beautiful water views of the Sydney Harbour Bridge as well as the city skyline. We have the uniqueness, not many event spaces can provide.

Plus, our team of professionals work to make sure the needs of every guest are met. Our Events Team have the experience and knowledge to work with you on your special wedding day to helping cater to a large corporate event.

What’s next?

Small or large events, if you are looking to host the perfect function but haven’t found the seamless venue – contact Deckhouse today. We have the expertise and the best space for your next event.

Browse our events page for all the options and facilities we provide. Otherwise, contact us today for a tour of our venue or to start the planning process.