We are in the best time of the year in Australia and especially Sydney – summertime! The time where you go out a lot more and spend time with friends and family as you reflect in 2020.

But where do you go to catch up for brunch with friends or lunch with the family? Are you looking for the best and hottest place in Sydney?

Well, we think we have got you sorted with Deckhouse! The perfect mix of city and serenity, backed by gorgeous views and beautiful food.

But, in case you aren’t 100 percent convinced, we want to talk you through the three key things to remember when it comes to choosing a place for breakfast or lunch.

The Location

Firstly, it is all about location! If you are living in the city or the suburbs, you want to choose somewhere that is easy to get to, but also makes you feel at ease, comfortable and safe.

No matter where you are living in Sydney, it is always nice to get out and explore our beautiful city, especially in the warmer weather! Plus choosing your venue also needs to be convenient for everyone to reach.

At Deckhouse, we are only a short distance from the city. However, we still give you the best opportunity to feel so close and so far at the same time.

The experience we offer will allow you to feel the peace of the beautiful nature our country has to offer, while also enjoying the incredible panoramic views of the Sydney Harbour Bridge and City skyline.

We are only a short water taxi ride from the city, so you get to enjoy the full Sydney experience.

The Food

When you are choosing a breakfast or lunch destination, of course, the most important thing is the food and beverages you will be consuming.

You want a place that caters to everyone’s needs from dietary requirements to those who want something a little bit fancy or indulgent.

If you are a foodie, you want to experience the fantastic food culture Sydney has on offer, so choosing the right place is critical.

Whether it is our delicious Riverina sirloin steak for lunch or the traditional organic eggs on toast for breakfast, we have a range of options to suit everyone’s taste. Deckhouse also has a different menu for lunch and breakfast, meaning more options for you.

So when you are choosing a place for dining, make sure you do your research, study the menu and ensure everyone has something they would like to order. With Deckhouse, you can look at our menu directly from our website.

Our delicious range of desserts and drinks will also give you plenty of options to keep everyone happy.

The Venue

The last thing you want to consider when deciding where you host your occasion or event is the actual venue.

The venue is important because it sparks conversation and gives you overall better experience.

You want to choose somewhere that is inviting, has a good atmosphere and is aesthetically pleasing. From the beautiful decor to those fantastic views of the Sydney skyline, Deckhouse ticks all the boxes when it comes to venue style.

Relax and unwind on the weekend for breakfast or invite your friends to a mid-week lunch during the summer break.

Deckhouse has a lot to offer when it comes to the atmosphere. We pride ourselves in providing a high level of service and a beautiful interior and exterior to go with it.

Perfect Venue for corporate breakfast meetings – set menus available. Enquire Now

Food for thought

No matter what occasion you are celebrating, choosing a place for breakfast or lunch can be challenging in a place like Sydney.

Some places get too busy, others are too far out of the city, and often, there are too many places and cuisines to choose from.

At Deckhouse, we genuinely believe we have it all to cater to your needs no matter what type of event you are holding. From a casual lunch with friends to breakfast with work clients, we offer the service, location, venue and food to please you.