Workshop events are a great investment for your business. Whether you are trying to market your brand to potential clients or want to boost team morale, they are always a great way to educate people and give them a sense of focus and purpose. The purpose which is aligned to your business.

When it comes to planning a workshop, there are a lot of elements you need to consider from the venue to the guest list and even the topics you will be presenting, of course. But, one thing you might not have considered is, when is the best day to host?

So, that is why we have put together some key topics you need to consider when hosting your next workshop and the best days to host so you can attract the number of aligned people you want to attend your event!

What you need to consider when hosting a workshop?
Let’s start at the basics of workshop planning. First note down the outline of the event, in this you would want to include the following:

What is the purpose of the workshop?
Who is the event for?
When will you have it?
What is the theme or topics of the event?
How much do you want to spend?
What do you want the guests to get out of this workshop?
What are the goals and KPI’s around the event?
How many people are you inviting? How many do you want to attend?
Where do you want to host it?
What type of requirements will you need? (More on this below)
How are you going to invite the guests/promote the workshop?
What is your process of choosing a venue and then planning the event?
Who will you need to help you pre-event, during the event and post-event?
How will you measure its success?
How will you promote the post-event activities? (Good for marketing)
These are just a few of many questions you need to ask yourself before you get started! It is always ideal to have an outline before you hit the next stage.

What do you need to plan?
Of course, the number one thing for your event is the venue space you will be hosting your event at (more on this below).
But before you can choose places you need to plan how the day will pan out! What are the types of things you will need to host the event? These things include food, drinks, facilities, technology, location and look and feel of the venue.

You need to make a plan around how you are going to evaluate each venue and what are the requirements so you can choose the space perfect for what you need.

Make sure you have a plan of attack, find the right amount of venues and look for them. What type of interior do you want for a workshop, what are the must-haves and what will you be removing!

Once you have found a space, it is a lot easier to start planning!

How to find the best venue
Now you have outlined the event and have made a plan around what you need to get organised, you want to start looking and choosing a venue.

We recommend you always visit more than one location and make sure you ask questions as you go. If you forget you can always email for clarity.

You want to consider the following things when viewing a site and add comments and a rating as you go (don’t do this at the end of all your visits):

Food and drinks packages
Service packages
Facilities (toilets etc.)
Interior exterior
Friendly staff
You need to ensure you do site tours to pick the right space for you, your guests and the overall event!

When is the best day to host?
The most important element when hosting an event is, what day are you going to host to get maximum attendance? When it comes to workshops, you need to consider the person attending. If it is for clients or team members, you need to think about the day of the week you will host!

Our advice at Deckhouse is to aim for a Tuesday, Wednesday or Thursday event! Of course on a Friday everyone is ready to wind down for the week, and on a Monday everyone is catching up on work.

On any of the perfect days to host, you need to set a time and communicate this clearly to those wishing to attend. To get the most out of your event, you want to choose a day where people can attend to get the most out of it! It is always ideal to talk to the ideal guest to check their availability!

So our best advice, aim for a mid-week event from around Tuesday to Thursday! That way you know there is a slim chance people will have events already booked and instead will come to you to say hello.

Final thoughts
The key to planning a great event is to make sure you get the planning phase right! Firstly you need to understand what you want to achieve from the workshop, what the event will involve and how you will execute your event.
Lists are key when it comes to event planning and so are those organisation skills! That way, when it comes to executing, you will be well equipped with everything there is to know.

Planning should not be taken for granted, especially in the online space. Because you can’t speak to our potential guests face to face, we need to get out there, search the right venue and promote! Once you have chosen the right space for you and your business, have chosen the perfect day and promote using the right channels, the event will sell itself!

Do you have a workshop you are working on? Email or call us today. Let’s talk!